Get the best online casino bonus

We at The Pokies People are committed to being your go-to source for all the information you need to have a great online gaming experience. To that end, we would like to tell you about the best casino bonuses you can get at the casinos we recommend. If you are not sure about what casino bonuses are or how to claim the best offers on the internet then read on. We are your number one resource when it comes to Australian casino bonuses.

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Why are casino bonuses so popular

First of all, it’s important to understand that casino bonuses come in many forms. Most are for deposit bonuses yet you can also get free spins and other fine bonuses. Loyalty or Rewards points, for example, in and of themselves are also a type of online casino bonus because they are redeemable for cash and lead you to other magnificent bonuses!

So, since so many bonuses are gifts for deposits, they are a great way to enlarge your bankroll with the casino’s money. If you’re ready to deposit AU$100 it makes great sense to add another AU$100 by way of a deposit bonus!

Bonuses also make players feel that the casino is looking out for them. In fact, the casinos we recommend all have average payout rates in the 96-97% range. One of the ways the payout rate gets that high is by offering bonuses. So casinos offer bonuses every day, often several times a day!

Different types of online bonuses

Here’s a shortlist of the many different types of bonuses:

  • No deposit bonus;
  • Deposit bonus;
  • Welcome or sign up bonus;
  • Loyalty points or rewards;
  • Birthday;
  • Impromptu;
  • Refer a friend;
  • Weekend, day of the week, holiday;

These are all cash bonuses. There are also several types of non-cash bonuses:

  • Free spins;
  • Cashback;
  • Deposit method;
  • Low wagering requirement;
  • Free entry into tournaments;
  • VIP.

Deposit Bonus

The first deposit bonuses our readers acquire are Welcome Bonuses. These usually come as a set of three to five separate bonuses. The percentage of the bonuses varies within the individual casino and between casinos. The amount of each bonus also varies. The casinos we recommend to you are all top casinos in every way beginning with extremely lucrative Welcome Bonuses.

A bonus for 100% of the deposit is sometimes called a Match Bonus. These are especially common in Welcome Packages, making these bonuses usually the largest bonuses offered by a casino.

No Deposit Bonus

Many casinos begin the Welcome Package with a no deposit bonus. You receive it automatically when you register at the casino and are accepted as a player there. No deposit bonuses are generally for money; sometimes the no deposit bonus is for free spins or a specified amount of time.

No deposit bonuses give players the chance to “walk-around” the casinos. Since we at The Pokies People recommend casinos with hundreds of games on offer, it’s always a good idea to play many games for small wagers or even in Practice Mode. You might be surprised to discover that games are not all alike! The massive diversity even within game categories is staggering!

Tips on how to choose a Great Sign up Bonus

If you recall your high school literature, you’ll recognize the quote, “know thyself”. This is very good advice in every sphere of life including online gaming. So the first thing you ought to consider when choosing a sign-up bonus is; “Does this casino meet my needs irrespective of the excellence of the sign-up bonus”?

We spoke above about wagering requirements. Every online casino requires gamers to wager a percentage of any bonus they receive before the player can withdraw money. Wagering requirements also vary from casino to casino. A wagering requirement of 30x or 40x is quite reasonable but there are some casinos with wagering requirements that are far higher!

There is an interesting side story to the idea of wagering requirement. Some but far from all online casinos have a mobile casino connected to them. Those casinos that have a mobile casino, equally count wagers from both the desktop and the mobile casino toward the wagering requirement. Given the enormous ease and convenience of mobile gaming, not to mention the stellar graphics now available on mobile, means that you in effect “take the casino with you” when you download the mobile app and can thus reach the wagering requirement all that much faster! Being able to play on your mobile device and achieve your wagering requirement quickly is also a type of online casino bonus!

If you prefer free spins, by all means, opt for a casino that offers free spins as part of its Welcome Package. The same applies to time bonuses. A casino that offers a nice amount of time such as half an hour may be best suited to your gaming personality.

The Welcome Package is far from the only bonus you’ll get at any online casino. We recommend casinos that offer many bonuses following the list we wrote above.

Our top casinos offer the best casino bonuses

Having said all this about online casino bonuses in general and Welcome Bonuses in particular, we would like you to understand that we have a shortlist of recommended casinos out of the thousands of online casinos because we feel, based on our own extensive research, that these casinos offer not merely the best sign up bonuses but the best overall online gaming experience.

Our top casinos have upwards of 700 games to choose from. They have great promotions. The daily promos may pop up several times a day. Our recommended casinos also run monthly promotions with sizable prizes. We always look to the list of progressive games since so many players enjoy these games above all. There are gamers who especially enjoy cerebral games such as video poker and blackjack. We recommend casinos with large selections of these games. Many gamers enjoy some live casino action so our casinos have a Live Casino where you can play baccarat, roulette, or blackjack.

So, as important as the sign-up bonus is, it is far from the entire story about any casino. Our team always serves the gaming public with fair and accurate casino reviews and information. We always say that the best casino bonuses are the ones that you enjoy getting the most!