American Roulette

American Roulette is a variant of the standard roulette with Microgaming as the software provider. It is made up of thirty-eight divisions with each division numbered from one to thirty-six. The presence of double zero makes it different from the standard roulette.

About American Roulette

Although roulette is originated from the Europeans it has become a game played almost everywhere in the world. Among one of the nations where roulette is widely played in the United States of America and it is termed American roulette. Mainly there are two variants of roulette – American roulette and European roulette. Online casino sites offer both types of games to players that are interested. However, between the two versions, American roulette has gotten a bad reputation among players for having a higher house advantage than the other version. However, it is a game that is fun to play and will not be a bad idea to try it out.


The gameplay of American roulette is not different from that of the standard roulette. It is a game that entails placing a ball on the wheel that has been segmented. There are thirty-eight segments on the wheel and the numbering is from one to thirty-six. The other two spaces are for zero (0) and double zero (00). The wheel is separated into equal divisions therefore the probability of the ball landing on a certain pocket is the same for all segments. The other two spaces are colored green whereas, the remaining spaces are colored either black or red. There is no limit to the number of stakes that can be placed by players at the beginning of the game. This implies that a player can bet on more than one position on the wheel. There is a layout available for players to place their bet although in a live casino the player can surround the table and place the bet themselves.

The options available for staking in American roulette are divided into two – inside stakes and outside stakes. Below are the options available.

Inside Stakes

  • A stake that covers one figure is referred to as Single. It has an odd of thirty-five to one.
  • A stake that covers 2 figures that are adjacent to each other is called Split. It has an odd of seventeen to one.
  • A stake covering 3 figures in a row is called Street. It has an odd of eleven to one.
  • A stake that covers 4 figures to form a block is called Corner. It has an odd of eight to one.
  • A stake that covers 2 rows consecutively is called Six-Line. It has an odd of five to one.
  • A stake covering the zero, double zero, one, two, and three is called Top Line. It has an odd of six to one.

Outside Stakes

  • Stakes covering a column of twelve figures are called Column Stakes. It has an odd of two to one.
  • Stakes covering twelve figures consecutively are called Dozen Stakes. It has an odd of two to one.
  • Stakes covering either all the odd or even figures are called Odd or Even. The payout is of even money.
  • Stakes covering every selected segment have the chosen color is called Red or Black. The payout is of even money.
  • Stakes covering every figures between one to eighteen or nineteen to thirty six is called 1-18/19-36. The payout is of even money.

Only one minute is spared for the player to make their bet before the dealer starts spinning the wheel. Therefore, when the wheel start spinning the players only have some seconds to conclude and make a final decision. The position where the ball stopped will indicate the winner and will be a payout. Some measures need to be put in place in order to identify a stake since a lot of players can place a bet. To identify each stake, the money used to bet will be changed into chips which will be used to stake. However, if you are playing the online version of the game the measure is not necessary. Also when playing online, the player can be used as much time as possible to make a decision before spinning takes place.

What 00 Implies

The appearance of double zero is the major difference between American roulette and European roulette. European roulette only has a single zero on its wheel. The implication of the double zero is not good and that is the reason why some players prefer playing the European one. Normally, any position on the wheel from one of thirty-six have the same layout which is regarded as 100 percent. Any other space on the wheel is termed as house advantage. European roulette only has one space but American roulette have two space, therefore, increasing the house advantage. For a one 0, the house advantage is 2.70 percent but for two 00 the house edge is like times two which is 5.26 percent. Since there is nothing different in the gameplay then some players consider European roulette to be the better version.

Technique used in Playing

Roulette is a game of chance and any game of chance is based on luck. Except you want to do illegal things that will ensure the play must always fall into the position you placed your bet but that is nearly impossible nowadays. Despite that, there are strategies you can utilize as a player to boost your chance of winning. Players must note that the house advantage on all stakes on the table is the same. However, when the ball falls on 00, one, two, and three the house advantage changes which is a higher percentage. You might have heard about a strategy that will ensure you always win, it is just a fallacy. There is no sure win strategy, the casino will always have a house advantage. But the casino cannot cheat you also therefore, you need to know the difference. You can use any strategy as much as it works for you. Some players use the Martingale system that follows a pattern that prefers betting with a small amount at the beginning and then time two the bet after every loss to get the amount they had at the beginning. Although the system is good in the end, you may not go with a tangible win since the most winners will be to recover the money lost. To play roulette, make sure understand how it works then use the strategy that works for you.

American Roulette is not a bad game

Although the American roulette when compare to the European counterparts it is totally not bad if you want to play the game with a lesser house advantage, you should go for European roulette. Apart from the higher house advantage, there is no other thing different between the two versions. The same enjoyment you will derive from playing European roulette will be derived from American roulette. Despite the bad name the game has been tagged with, a lot of players still patronize casinos that offer American roulette. Therefore, there is nothing bad in trying out American roulette also in as much as you have known what you need to know about the game.